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Blender - Extruding Objects - EM

You can use the EXTRUDE tool for a variety of tasks. The main two are duplicating and extending objects. It's accessed via the 'E' key or in the menu. The menu gives you more options when you need more than a straight-forward extrusion. To get it 'out of the way', let's cover duplication. Remember, this is EDIT mode and you're editing a single object (as far as the file, in general, is concerned). Anything you add here is going to be part of that object. This means that the duplication of something here doesn't result in a new, individually editable object (color, texture...). It just gives you more of the same object.

If you access the EXTRUDE tool from the T-panel, you generally have 3 options. Each one can produce significantly different results, particularly on objects with adjacent (touching) faces that are at different angles. If you had two adjacent faces that were at the same angle, all 3 options would have the same results. The following image gives you an idea of what you can expect on two different objects. THIS is the file that was used to create the image. You can open it to look at the object(s) from other angles.

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