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For those who have seen my other sites, you know that they're relatively specialized. There were a lot of things that I thought would be interesting or helpful to those who are interested in learning. This site will cover the things that didn't fit the other sites well. Many of the items on this site will seem pointless because the topic seems obvious but I've seen many things that should be obvious to people that were not. It's going to take a while to get all of the topics on the site but you'll see things like metalworking, basic woodworking, use of tools, basic use of language (you have to write well if you want to be taken seriously by intelligent people).

If you have a problem with some graphics showing up as large open spaces, empty or black boxes, right-click the link in the directory for the page you're viewing and open the page in a new tab. This will resolve most/all of those issues. Setting the font size at 1 step larger than the default will also help if you want to view the site in it's original format.

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Survival of the Fittest:
It seems that the great majority of the younger generation have no valuable skills. That doesn't mean that they're not capable of acquiring those skills but few take the time to learn them. If it's not a video game or an app that they can download to their smart-phone or tablet, they're not interested. These are the types of people who are likely to struggle their entire lives.

For those willing to learn, this site and my other sites offer information that can teach valuable skills. For example, the computer site covers virtually everything from the most basic tasks to troubleshooting a computer that doesn't power up or doesn't work properly. At absolutely no cost, a motivated individual could read through that site and be able to augment their income by working on computers for friends, or friends of friends (for those who don't want to charge your friends to work on their computers). In hard times, a skill like this can make the difference between paying the bills and having to constantly worry about your utilities being cut off for non-payment.

This site offers information on repairing small engines. With a bit of practice, you can make a few extra dollars repairing lawn equipment for those in your neighborhood.

If you're interested in audio, the information on the car audio site can be a great help in getting started in the car audio business. If nothing else, the pages on enclosure design and related topics can help you to make money building enclosures for friends. Don't be one of those who sit around complaining that they don't have any money. Take the initiative to learn a few new skills and make the extra money you need.

The photography site is mainly for those interested in macrophotography but it can help you to take better photos which can give you an advantage over your competitors. For example, if you sell on eBay and are selling the same basic product as another seller, for approximately the same price, it is an advantage to have better photos. If nothing else, it tells the seller that you're someone who has high standards (which spill over into other aspects like customer service). It doesn't take expensive equipment to get good quality photos. Good quality photos are more about the photographer than the equipment.

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